Esame pirmaujanti skaitmeninių paslaugų įmonė, padedanti tobulėti naudojantis skaitmeninės medijos galia.

About Us

We offer great solutions to help you grow your business.

Eprekyba is committed to providing excellent solutions to help your business grow and succeed in a competitive digital environment. Our expert team perfectly tailors digital marketing strategies to suit your business needs, ensuring maximum ROI and measurable results.

Our team is committed to creating innovative digital marketing solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of your business.

Eprekyba prioritizes quality that guarantees measurable results and optimizes ROI for our esteemed clients.


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with creativity in digital marketing.

Why choose us?

Grow your business with digital marketing

Digital marketing can have a big impact on businesses of all sizes, improving their online visibility, attracting high-profile prospects and ultimately increasing revenue.

Increased online visibility

Tactics such as social media marketing in digital marketing can increase a company’s online visibility and attract more targeted traffic to a website.

Better targeting

Using data-driven strategies, digital marketing enables businesses to precisely target and engage potential customers, ensuring highly effective reach to their intended audience.

Improved customer engagement

Digital marketing facilitates direct customer engagement, provides a personalized experience and develops long-term business relationships.

Our story

Where Did It Begin?

Eprekyba was born from a simple but powerful idea: to help businesses thrive in the digital age. The concept was born from observing first-hand the challenges faced by businesses in the ever-changing digital environment, and highlights the critical need for a partner that can deliver effective, customized digital marketing solutions.

In line with this vision, a dedicated team of experts from various fields of digital marketing, technology and business strategy has been assembled. They joined forces to create a company that could truly impact the lives of business owners.

From humble beginnings, Eprekyba has grown into a thriving digital marketing agency recognized for delivering measurable results and exceptional service. Working with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries, we’ve helped them achieve their goals and achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Our success is based on a strong commitment to our customers and an unrelenting passion for innovation. We are constantly exploring new technologies and strategies to ensure our clients maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic digital environment.

As we expand our services and look for new opportunities, our core values ​​of honesty, transparency and expertise remain unchanged. We strongly believe that by upholding these values, we can continue to have a positive impact on the companies we support and help them realize their full potential.

Our four pillars


Our vision is to provide the absolute highest quality services.


We live for customer satisfaction. This is our main motto.


What is a marketing team without creativity? we put an end to it.


Being available 24/7 makes us one of the most loved brands.

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